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Tetracycline is a safe and highly efficient antibiotic prescribed for the treatment of conjunctivitis, gonorrhea, H. Pylori infections, syphilis, skin infections, anthrax, chlamydia, urinary tract infections or respiratory infections. You may need to mention to your doctor the fact of having kidney disease, liver disease or syphilis, or if you are currently using any drugs likely to interact with Tetracycline, such as calcium, any supplements or vitamins, antacid, isotretinoin, magnesium, penicillin antibiotics, blood thinners, zinc, cholesterol-lowering drugs, tretinoin, bismuth subsalicylate or iron.

You will have to take every dose of Tetracycline with a full glass of water and avoid stopping the treatment before you doctor tells you it's okay. Tetracycline may cause a few very mild side effects like diarrhea, swelling in the rectal area, swollen tongue, stomach upset, mild nausea, vaginal discharge or itching, vomiting, sores in the mouth or on the lips, trouble or swallowing, although serious ones (fever, confusion, dizziness, flu symptoms, unusual weakness, severe headache, loss of appetite or red skin rash) are also possible and have to be reported right away.

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